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He does not paint the sea; he feels it, he inhales it. Undeniably, the title of Official Marine Painter suits him perfectly, for the ocean is very much his world. Dirk Verdoorn is a self-taught painter, one who possesses skills and patience. His artwork, which falls within a very original, maxi-realist approach, offers daring framing whilst preserving even the smallest detail. Drawing his inspiration from the four corners of the planet, this globe-trotter of painting has devoted his most recent pieces to India, the land of contrasts where frenzied globalisation collides with a cultural essentialism. This encounter seems to have reconciled him to the world of humans. Previously, Dirk Verdoorn would content himself with merely hinting at human presence through ships whose sheer scale always proved powerless in the face of natural forces. Today, men, in their humility, make their appearance, in harmony with their environment. In their frail skiffs, against an endless procession of giant freighter hulls, thoughtful children look out onto a material world that does not yet affect them. They are witness to a laborious existence, one to which they will devote their lives without arrogance, without pretension, without complaining. Their mildness is touching, their eyes bright. What does wealth matter when mind dominates the body! This face-to-face with the Indian population ignited a spark in the artist’s work, prompting him to paint with a great deal of humanism. Colours have become warmer, and at times flirt with the surreal. Dirk Verdoorn relates the marine world, with a few freshwater ventures leading the observer through various tropical atmospheres rich in naturalist energies. But most importantly, he has chosen to remember the world that has moulded it over the centuries, giving rise to characters that are striking in terms of their dignity and simplicity. His artwork, which is as precise as ever in approach, and dazzling for its treatment of light, is becoming more philosophical in its description. The artist has taken this a step further for his exhibition at the Honfleur gallery, offering an event that represents a veritable culmination of ten years of friendship between gallery owner and artist.



100 x 81

80 x 80

Reprendre la mer
100 x 73

Pilotine des 3 rivières
80 x 80

60 x 60

Revue naval Toulon 2014 - état-major Paris
120 x 120

Lumière basse sur Saigon
100 x 100

120 x 120

Ambiance houleuse
100 x 100

50 x 100

Au petit matin
130 x 81

Sun Vitae, contre-jour
130 x 96