Nicolas ODINET

Born in 1953 in Sainte Adresse. Nicolas Odinet is not a figurative painter like so many others.
This realist artist is able to capture a chance instant, anecdote, gesture or fleeting posture when only he has noticed it.
The artist creates an atmosphere in which shadows play a very important role, as important as the diffuse light that floods the space.
Nicolas chooses an original genre by transposing the frenzy of our existence into a world that is romantic and capable of revealing the intimacy of its actors.
For over 20 years, he has invited us to enter into his paintings and breathe the life inside.


What a beautiful girl
89 x 116

Wythe Roof Top
80 x 80

Lovely bikini
81 x 100

Marching on the 5th Avenue
100 x 100

See you for dinner
116 x 81

Sunny lunch
100 x 100

Les bonnes résolutions
73 x 60

Just married
100 x 100

Le choix du parfum ou pas
73 x 60

116 x 89

Gêne suspecte
80 x 80

Enfants à la plage
100 x 81

Best friends
100 x 100

Jour d'été
100 x 81

Tables à l'ombre
100 x 100

Mais où est votre père
130 x 89